When it comes to setting out your project JBD can complete the trio for you, 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and 3D setout. Leverage off your data investment and solved problems by having your project setout by JBD.

Currently project setout is completed by using the design drawings alone which in most cases have not captured errors and changes from the detailing and RFI processes. JBD can upload the completed 3D model of your project and setout any elements you require, site cuts, piers, footings, slabs, walls, cast in items, chemical anchors and more. This can be completed without gridlines or any other input onsite.

Similar to the 3D scanning and 3D modeling offered by JBD, 3D setout gives you confidence that come installation day – everything is correct in all 3 dimensions. This simply cannot be achieved with a string line and tape measure. Along with the accuracy is the time saving. On a recent warehouse project we were able to setout 260 chemsets in less than a day, this was not just the drilling locations, each location was also leveled to the underside of base plate requiring no further input from the installers. This same process using existing methods would have required (2) people for around 3-4 days plus the cost of getting grid lines setout beforehand.

A high-rise roof we setout found that the concrete of the upper floor was not poured correctly. We identified this while setting out and where able to move and rotate the entire roof resulting in very minor site modifications of the roof steel saving thousands in site costs with the rigging crew, cranes etc. We were able to re-setout the fixings, and nominate the exact modifications required to the steel the following morning before it was installed, the result – a perfect fit with no time delays on site.